Daily Journal Week 14

Day 92 (27/06/2018): Soldier Creek to Warner Valley Campground at Mile 1350.3 (22.3 Miles) Wonderful morning meandering through sloping pine forests. Tons of spider webs. Saw a couple groups of girl scouts maybe? Got to check out terminal geyser and the bubbling pools of sulphur water before heading into Drakesbad. That shower was heavenly! Seriously, … Continue reading Daily Journal Week 14

Daily Journal Week 13

Day 85 (20/06/2018): Mules Ear to Sierra City (16.1 Miles) Camping with the Kiwi "Big Grin" and German "Clockwork" couple was awesome, and the deer only freaked me out a little as they stamped around my tent in the middle of the night. This morning was eery feeling walking through the dark woods on the … Continue reading Daily Journal Week 13