The Trek Comes to an End (Week 24)

Day 162 (05/09/2018): Stream and Tentsite to Random Campsite on the Whistler Alternate Trail (22.4 PCT Miles) (~4.3 Miles OT) Man, it got real cold last night. Peck had ice on his tent. My hands were numb within minutes of starting to break down camp. The site just below Tower Peak was absolutely beautiful though. … Continue reading The Trek Comes to an End (Week 24)

Daily Journal Week 23

Day 155 (29/08/2018): Holden to Kevin's Cabin at the end of the road Woke up pretty early and proceeded to spend the majority of the morning drinking coffee, eating, and playing a very close game of Scrabble in which Peck won. I was pretty sad about leaving the trail, but my weary body needs the … Continue reading Daily Journal Week 23